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More than pure translation ... for the sake of our environment

Sustainability is a prerequisite for us

We are a company that cares about the environment and this responsibility is manifested in PURETRANS' everyday business. In 2010 PURETRANS became a member of Climate Alliance, the largest municipal climate protection network in Europe. The objectives of Climate Alliance are to reduce environmentally harmful emissions and to protect the rainforests. Climate Alliance members are required to incorporate specific climate protection measures into their operations. Individual climate protection targets are specified and compliance with these targets is monitored externally. There are currently 700 of Climate Alliance businesses in Austria.

PURETRANS' climate protection measures

On sunny days, the two photovoltaic systems on the roof of our office building provide our offices with electricity. Any surplus electricity is fed into the public grid as 'green power'. If the photovoltaic systems do not generate sufficient power, then we are supplied by the certified green energy company AAE Naturstrom.

We get our hot water from a solar heating system. On cold winter days, we heat the offices using a wood chip heating system. The heat is generated from the waste material deposed of by a small landscaping and sawing business in the neighbourhood. When we renovated our office building, we placed a particular focus on the use of sustainable building materials produced in accordance with ecological criteria and containing as few toxic substances as possible.

In our everyday office work, we use office equipment procured from Memo, an eco-friendly mail order business. When purchasing technical equipment, we look for products that have been produced in an environmentally sound manner and which use as little electricity as possible

(left to right: Norbert Rainer, regional manager Climate Alliance Upper Austria, Johannes Purer, Ulrike Schwarz, member of the Upper Austrian parliament)

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